Love Letters & Broken Things

I've been exploring the idea of love and heartbreak for past several years. Painting seems to be the only way I can truly process my thoughts on it. If you're reading this, you probably know that I use a variety of collage material in my work. Much of that material has been letters, drawings, photos, and textiles associated with past relationships. The content held within those materials inspire each painting. That process has been a way to find closure. It allows me to say goodbye to the physical stuff, and think critically about what it all really meant to me.

Romantic relationships are complex, and they exist in many forms. I'm interested in the way we connect with one another on that level. I’d like to hear your story in an attempt to better understand the ways in which we fall in love, break, and heal. In my work, I always hope to evoke memories and emotions by telling my story. This time, I'm hoping to do the same by hearing yours.

What I need:
A love letter

1. Must be handwritten
2. Must be at least one page long (can be as long as you want)
3. Must discuss a romantic love (one that doesn't include family or friends)
4. Can be written to or about someone
5. You may discuss any aspect of love- What does/did it feel like? How did you met your first love? How did you meet your current love? When was the last time you saw the person who broke your heart? What did it feel like to see the person who's heart you broke? What was the last thing you said to them? What did you really want to say? How did it start? How did it end? What did you do when it ended? How has the idea of it evolved as you've grown older? What does love mean to you? What kind of weight does it carry? How does it play a role in your happiness?

What you get:
A free painting

1. There are 14 paintings labeled #1-#14. You must comment your first and last name, along with the painting you'd like to reserve at the bottom of this page. (ex: Kevin Lucey- #1)
2. You must arrange to hand deliver or mail your letter to me. Once I receive your letter, I will give you the painting in person or via mail using the address you sent your letter from.
3. I must receive your letter by May 1, 2018

Mail to:
Kevin Lucey
23 Essex Street
Beverly, MA 01915


*All 14 paintings are collage and acrylic paint on paper (unframed), 4.5"X4", 2015